The Digita Operating System

FlashPoint Technology, Inc., the creator of the Digita operating environment for digital photography, provides developers with tools to build in-camera applications.

Applications for the Digita OS can be developed using the Digita SDK and the GCC compiler. Developer Jim Surine explains how here. Or you can visit the DigitaDev Digita Developers web site.

Information about some Digita-Enabled cameras from the DigitaPhoto web site.
Kodak DC290
Kodak DC265
Kodak DC260
Kodak DC220
Minolta EX 1500
HP Photosmart C500

Some reviews and technical data from The Imaging Resource
Kodak DC290
Minolta Dimage EX1500

Arcade games for your Digita camera !
Developers Jim Surine and Scott Angel have created an application for playing thousands of arcade games on your Digita-enabled camera.

Kodak Digital Cameras

Information about KODAK Digital Cameras. Not all these cameras are based on the Digita OS.