• Siggraph 2009 Course
    Build Your Own 3D Scanner:
    Optical Triangulation for Beginners.
    Course Notes
  • Siggraph 2014 Course
    3D Scanning for Personal 3D Printing:
    Build Your Own Desktop 3D Scanner
    Course Notes
  • An Invitation to 3D Vision: From Images to Geometric Models
    by Y. Ma, S. Soato, J. Kosecka, and S.S. Sastry
  • Learning OpenCV: Computer Vision with the OpenCV Library
    by Gary Bradski, and Adrian Kaehler
    1st. Edition 2008, 2nd. Edition 2013
  • Introduction to Geometry Processing Through Optimization
    by Gabriel Taubin
    WEB, PDF
  • More References
    Brown 2012 Course


  • Camera Calibration Toolbox for Matlab
    by Jean-Yves Bouguet
    WEB (software download)
  • Simple, Accurate, and Robust Projector-Camera Calibration
    by D. Moreno and G. Taubin
    WEB (software download)
  • MeshLab
    WEB (software download)
  • PointShop 3D
    WEB (software download)
  • J3DP Java 3D Photography Viewer
    WEB (software download)
  • SSD:Smooth Signed Distance Surface Reconstruction
    by F. Calakli and G. Taubin
    WEB (software download)

Previous Course Projects

  • Handheld Incremental 3D Scanner
    by Justin Kim, April 2012 (Honor Thesis) YouTube Video
  • 3D Optical Microscopy Method
    Based on Plane-Sweep Reconstruction
    by Max Liberman, April 2013 (Honors Thesis)
  • VideoWall2 Polygon Mesh Viewer
    by Yan Li, Dec 2013 (Independent Studies Project) YouTube Video